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Dhaulagiri Expedition

Dhaulagiri Expedition is the sixth highest peaks in Nepal and the seventh highest peak of the world with its height 8,167m above from the sea level. This mountain lies in the northwestern corridor of Nepal in the Myagdi District. Mt. Dhaulagiri is extending about 120km from Kaligandaki River to the Bheri River in the west. “Dhaulagiri” is derived from the Sanskrit word, “Dhawala and Giri” which means “White and Mountain” respectively. Mt. Dhaulagiri is also the highest point of the Gandaki River Basin. The Annapurna I, which is 34Km east of Dhaulagiri I, in between these two giants a gorge is formed, known as Kaligandaki Gorge. This gorge is the deepest gorge in the world and Kaligandaki River flows in this gorge. Mount Dhaulagiri also known as “The White Mountain” is quite easily recognized because of its unique, mound shape when seen from treks that leave from Pokhara. Lying in the north-west of Pokhara, this peak first attracted the French expedition that came to Nepal in 1950. Led by Maurice Herzog, the mountaineers looked up at his formidable peak and decided it was impossible to climb and turned their attention to Annapurna I, which they subsequently climbed. It was the discovery of Dhaulagiri’s height in 1809 that brought to light the fact that the Himalayan range of mountains was higher than the Andes in South America. At the time, the Europeans assumed Dhaulagiri was the highest mountain in the world. Dhaulagiri is also the highest point of the Gandaki river basin. Mount Dhaulagiri expedition will start in Kathmandu and after you drive to Beni a Darbang you’ll trek across a splendid trail before arriving in the first base camp. There’ll be three more camps and a final Advanced Base camp before you attempt to scale the Summit of Dhaulagiri. Since Dhaulagiri is a technically challenging climb, it is very important that anyone attempting this peak should have experience climbing 7000-meter peaks before


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