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When it comes to relieving stress and taking a break from a busy life at work, there’s no better way to do it than packing your rucksack and heading on to trek in the mountains. For people working a full-time job, weekend treks are the perfect opportunity to get out of the town and unwind till you get back to your routine life. Have a look at these top five best weekend treks for you that are absolutely bucket-list worthy. If they aren’t on your
list already, put it down.


We all know how Himachal Pradesh is abundantly blessed with gorgeous mountain peaks and enthralling views that one could die for which is why this state is quite popular among the trekkers and therefore it is called the “TREKKERS PARADISE”.

Triund is an ideal destination for every nature lover located about 10 kilometers away from McLeodganj (also known as Little Lhasa). It is the beautiful trail in Himachal that offers jaw-dropping views of the lofty Dhauladhar ranges on one side and the beautiful Kangra valley on the other.

Triund is a moderately challenging trek that takes 4 hours to reach and can be returned on the same day. As you reach there clouds descend down to give you company and the view is just absolutely splendid! However, it is recommended to spend a night there to witness the warmth of the place under a blanket of gazillion stars, pitch your tents and enjoy the bonfire in the lap of Dhauladhar and return the next day since the sunset and sunrise are just incredibly amazing there.

Location- Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh
Height- 2850 meters
Best time- May-June and September-November
Difficulty level- Easy


NAG TIBBA which literally means the Serpent’s peak is the highest peak in the Shivalik Range of the Lesser Himalayas. Located in Uttarakhand, this place attracts thousands of trekkers every year as it is a wonderful delight for adventure lovers from all over the world. This trek is going to take you through the beautiful dense forests, clearings, and ridge walks and on top of that, it offers you with spellbinding views of peaks like Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Gangotri and Kedarnath.

Due to its pleasant weather, this trek can be done throughout the year and since it’s a short 2-day trek is what makes it the best place for camping or getaway over the weekend. You don’t even need an extensive preparation or be physically fit prior to the trek and when it comes to winter treks in the Himalayas; Nag Tibba is highly recommended for the beginners.

Location- 60 kms from Mussorie, Uttarakhand
Height- 3022 mts
Best time- April- June and October-December
Difficulty level- Easy


Kareri lake trek in Himachal is another most delightful trek for people looking to explore the new untainted hidden beauty of the mountains. Also known as Kumarwah Lake, the trek trail begins from a small village “Kakeri village” and is about 14 km distance. Passing through the beautiful valley, thick sub-tropical pine forests with Rocky Mountains terrain, small streams and forest grasslands. This lake is a shallow glacial lake sourcing its water from the Dhauladhar range due to which it makes the lake crystal clear and shows the reflections of the snow-capped peaks

The lake remains completely frozen during the winter months but for those who love snow, the best time to visit is from the end of February to March and if you wish to see the flora and fauna of the area in full bloom, then spring is the best time to take this trek. It is best to avoid the trek during the monsoon season since the state where the lake is
located receives the highest amount of rainfall and the routes can get slippery and dangerous that can lead to accidents. Camping near the lake at night under the studded sky or staying in a homestay and enjoy the wonderful hospitality of the natives at Kareri village would be another great experience you can have on this trek which you will cherish throughout your lifetime.

Location- Kakeri village, Himachal
Height- 3022 meters
Best time- April-July and September- November

Difficulty Level- Moderate


If you are among the people that like the idea of “Exploring the unexplored” then your search ends here. Nestled peacefully in the lap of Gharwal Himalayas, Deoban trek isthe hidden gems of Uttarkhand. The Deoban trek begins from the village Chakrata, an old British cantonment which is 16 km away is another amazing weekend trek.

The meaning of the word Deoban comes from “Deo” means Deodar trees and “Ban” means forests, as the name suggests the entire trails of this trek are flourished with Deodar trees. Such forest trails are rare and one of the prettiest trails. Not only that, a mix of pine, oak trees, fir, and shrubs enhance the charm of this place. As not many
people have explored this place makes the aura peaceful and the environment serene.

In just two days, this trek offers a great opportunity for trekkers to witness the scenic beauty, experience the life of a remote village, and see the local culture. On a clear day, from the top of Deoban, you can get a chance to see many mighty Himalayan peaks like Bandarpunch ( 6102 meters), Srikantha (6133 meters), Nanda Ghunti (6309 meters),
Chaukhamba Massif etc. The camping sites of this place are also flawlessly blessed with amazing meadows. During winter, the trails are covered with snow which makes it a thrilling adventurous winter trek. Therefore, this trek is a wonderful chance for all mountain lovers to evidence the entire splendidness of the Himalayas in less time with
less effort.

Location: Deradun, Uttarakhand
Height: 3000 meters
Best time: Throughout the year
Difficulty level: Easy


Lastly, if you want a complete raw adventure and thrill of nature on a hectic schedule then Binsar trek is an absolutely ideal choice. This trek gives you the perfect blend of adrenaline rush for the adventurer in you.

Starting from Binsar wildlife sanctuary up to Jageshwar in Kumaon region, this trek will take you through thick pine forest, water streams, Waterfalls and can even get to spot an incredible rare flora and fauna of the region and if you’re a birdwatcher, you are just in the right place because this place has many species of exotic colorful birds that you might want to stop a min and take pictures.

Also, there are many villages around Binsar wildlife which serve as an outstanding place for the campsite. Among the villages, Jawalbanj is highly recommended as it is located amidst peaceful realms that offer bewitching sunrise over snowy mountains.

From the Binsar zero-point, one can also soak in the captivating view of snow-clad peaks of Nanda Devi, Nandaghunti, and the entire Kumaon Himalayas range. Besides natural beauty, Kumaon welcomes you to enjoy the local culture and traditions. Thus, this small trek can make the best weekend of your life.

Location- Uttarakhand
Height- 2412 meters.
Best time- March-May and November- February
Difficulty- Easy

Go ahead, pack a bag, and pick a friend. It’s time to experience the best of nature’s bounty with these short treks without heading out for days. These magical and awesome places to go trek near you await. Hurry up!

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