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Top 10 Reasons to do the ABC Trek – Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a prime destination for your next adventure. You will gain access to beautiful landscapes, lovely people, vibrant cultures, blooming Rhododendron forests, and views of several 8000 meter plus high Mountains. When it comes to relieving stress and taking a break from a busy life at work, there’s no better way to do than packing your rucksack and heading on to trek in the mountains. For people working a full-time job, adventure travel is the perfect way to get out of the town and unwind until you get back to your routine life. Have a look at these top reasons why the Annapurna Base Camp Trek is absolutely bucket list worthy. If it isn’t on your list already, put it down.

Gateway Pokhara

Annapurna base camp trek is a beautiful trek sited north of the beautiful Pokhara valley. Annapurna range fulfills your desire for adventure with the unending mountains peaks right from Pokhara and even before the start of the trek itself, you will be able to get the striking beauty of all the mountain peaks. You spend the day exploring the streets of Pokhara, with tantalizing aromas, bright colors, and the bustle of the local market, all set against the
backdrop of the gorgeous mountains.

Gurung Culture

The trek offers you a chance to witness interesting and impressive Gurung villages enriched with colorful culture. Places like Ghandruk and Chommrong which are en route the Annapurna Base Camp are well known for Gurung people – their culture and hospitality. Ghandruk village is intact with its centuries-long culture and tradition. Ghandruk village is famous for Gurung Cultural Heritage trek as there is a Gurung Museum which has protected
the ethnic identity of Gurung people.

Tea House Trek

A teahouse can refer to a large comfortable, well-built lodge with common areas, to a small bamboo hut lodged within the forest on a steep hill. During Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, you will be in the comfort of nice cozy huts serving as lodges with excellent food menus. The best thing about teahouse trekking – you only have to carry very minimal gear. These also include rooms facing an incredible panorama of mountains and you will feel the warm
hospitality of the local people.

Picturesque Landscape

You will walk into deep alpine woodland of tall rhododendron-magnolia-oaks-pines and fir tree lines which leads you beyond green vegetation towards remorseless fields of ice and glaciers. The remarkable snow-clad mountain range is simply the best part of the trek. Views of Annapurna South and the surrounding peaks are a treat to the eyes. From the ridges and villages, you pass by, you can gaze at the awesome picturesque landscape. The 360-degree mountain view from the base camp is simply spectacular.

Machapuchare Peak

Machapuchare mountain is one of Nepal’s most sacred mountains. Nicknamed ‘fishtail mountain’ after the shape of its peak, Machapuchare is sacred in the Hindu religion as the home of Lord Shiva. This trek gives you stunning views of Machapuchare peak -the untouched holy mountain of Nepal. Officially, Machapuchare has never been summited,
making its ethereal heights one of the least visited places on Earth.

The Annapurna Massif

This trek provides you unparalleled access to the spectacular views of the Annapurna mountain range. You will see the five giants Annapurna I, II, III, IV and Annapurna South. The Annapurna Massif is as epic as you imagine it – with one peak reaching over 8,000m, thirteen peaks over 7,000m and sixteen more over 6,000m, all within a 55 kilometer stretch. The highest peak of the massif, Annapurna I Main, is the tenth highest mountain in the
world, at 8,091 metres (26,545 ft).

Jhinu Hotspring

Relax in a series of hot spring fed pools deep in the Modi Khola Canyon on your way to (or back from) the Annapurna Sanctuary. No trek to (or back from) Annapurna Base Camp in the Himalayas is complete without stopping at the Jhinu Hot Springs, just a short 15-20 hike down to the bottom of the Modi Khola river canyon from the village and tea houses of Jhinu Danda. The tiredness from trekking disappears when you take a dip into the hot spring. The water here is believed to have healing power and takes away body aches.

Moderate Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a truly exceptional trekking destination in Nepal. Although the trail is in some level rugged and rough, since it gradually progresses, many people can do this trek. The path mostly meanders through, small settlements of the people, terrace farmlands, dense forest with occasional steep ups and downs. Moreover, there are low risks of experiencing altitude sickness in contrast with other higher altitude treks. Pretty much there are level terrains either rising higher or plummeting downwards. Similarly, no earlier trekking experience is required to do this trek which is a plus point for beginners.

Flaura and Fauna

Annapurna Conservation Area Project is specifically meant to conserve natural habitats, floras and faunas at Annapurna region. During this ABC trek, you get an incredible opportunity to make your way through diversified vegetation, striking waterfalls, river streams and most importantly blossoming rhododendron trees during the spring season. Only during couple of days at base camp, you will see snow, otherwise the greenery and surrounding atmosphere will enchant you from every corner.

Spectacular Sunrise

Welcome your morning with fresh mountain air and wrap yourself to witness the golden rays of sun fall upon the majestic Annapurna in sunrise. Trekkers usually visit the view-point in the early morning to witness the amazing wonder of the sunrise over the peaks. It is the famous vantage point where you can witness stunning sunrise and sunset. The sunrise view from the base camp is spectacular!

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