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Our team at Protrek Adventure has been successfully organizing adventure trips in Nepal and has guides thousands of people with their dreams of climbing the Himalayas. Everest base camp trek and Annapurna base camp trek are the most popular treks in this region. Treks can vary from 7 days to 25 days.

Expeditions on the other hand can range from 15 days to about 2 months, depending the altitude and technicality of the peak. The best time of year to go to Nepal is October to December and the worst time of year to go is June, July and August because that is when the monsoon rains absolutely come down.

It’s not going to be much fun because you won’t be leaving your hotel very often because you’ll be getting absolutely soaked. A lot of the trekking and other activities are all sort of suspended while they wait for the monsoon rains to pass by.

Nepal is like any other country out there you do need to get a visa but the great thing is it’s very easy to do because when you arrive into Kathmandu Airport you can actually get the visa on arrival which saves you a lot of stress looking online to try and pre organize the visa before you actually arrive into the country.

So, the visa on arrival is really a great perk about going to Nepal. There are three main tourist visas that people usually go for. They are the 15-day visa, the 30-day visa and the 90 day. You can get the 90-day visa if you stay for quite a long time and do lots of trekking. The 90-day visa will cost you one hundred and twenty-five dollars, the 30-day visa will cost you $50 and the 15-day visa will cost you $30.

It completely depends on how long you’re looking to stay. If you have just planned to stay in Nepal only for a couple of weeks but then realised actually you want to stay longer and your visa was going to expire you can go to the immigration offices. There is one in Kathmandu and one in Pokhara, where you can go and easily extend the visa just by filling in a form and paying a bit of money to cover the rest of the days that you wanted to stay in the country.

A few tips for when you actually do arrive in to Kathmandu to do your visa on arrival is to bring some US dollars in cash because sometimes the ATM does not work or does not accept your card. The signal in the airport isn't very good so make sure that you bring some US dollars with you to get that visa on arrival because it will save you a lot of time and a lot of.

Nepal has a variety of accommodations from hostels to five-star resorts and hotels so it obviously completely depends on what kind of traveller or holiday you're looking for. We would recommend booking your first few nights when you arrive into the country just so you can relax your mind and here's your way in because it can be a bit overwhelming especially when you arrive into a place like Kathmandu.

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