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Flight Cancellations

Domestic flights in Nepal are prone to flight delays and cancellations due to the country’s challenging geographical position and climate variations. Extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, dense fog, high winds, and other factors may cause flight delays or cancellations. This may occur at any time of year, although it is more common during the monsoon season (June to August).

We highly suggest that you add at least a day or two to the end of your journey to accommodate any delays. It is always a good idea to add extra days at the end of your trip. This allows you to be more flexible with your hiking plans in case of weather delays.

We will rebook you on the next available flight if your flight is delayed. Conditions may change so quickly that you could fly just after your planned departure, or you could leave a few days later. Your guide will take care of everything, so you can rest easy. However, in the event of airline delays, be prepared to stay an extra day. Your guide will immediately book your flight for the following day.

It is highly suggested that you get travel insurance. Some plans may cover “trip delay” as a consequence of a rescheduled or canceled flight, as well as missed international connections. In the event that you need to file a claim, our staff at Protrek Adventure will help you with the necessary paperwork. Before you visit Nepal, we recommend calling your insurance provider to find out precisely what they cover.

Protrek Adventure can charter a helicopter for travellers in an emergency situation. For any such special arrangements, the cost has to be borne by the travellers and can be later claimed through your insurance company. You can contact our booking team to get Heli service and charter flights.

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