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Kanchenjunga Conservation Area spans 2,035 square meters and is rich in wildlife and many rare species of birds. Passing along this trekking path will provide us with gorgeous mountain valleys with their amazing culture, traditions of the locals, fantastic views of the frozen lake, crystal clear stream, Oktang (Yalung) glacier, amazing ascent of Rathong and Kabru, glacier trek around Ramche, etc.

It is the best trekking path Kanchenjunga. The Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek borders Sikkim and Tibet in the eastern part of Nepal. That means it is both remote and brimming with Buddhist culture, yet not among the most popular treks in Nepal. The highest pass on the Kanchenjunga circuit hike is Sinion La at 4641 meters. The trail goes up and down until the steep descent to Tseram which is at 3868 meters.

The test is rocky and will take 6 to 7 hours. Don't be fooled when you see Tseram on his descent to the point where he is near a small pond. It is definitely further away than it sounds and it will take another hour to get there. From Tseram it is mainly a gentle hike up the hill to Ramche passing through the pressure of the moraine and the yak. You will also see the spectacular view of Rathong Peak midway.

When you look at the map, you will see that the south base camp seems quite far from Ramche at 4580 meters and you might be tempted to spend the night there. But actually, the southern base of Oktong Kanchenjunga is only a 40-minute walk from Ramche. Oktong Temple offers the glorious view of the south face of Kanchenjunga, Yalung, Kabru 1, Kabru 2, Kabru 3, and Sikkim Peak. Go down the same path and spend the night in Tseram.

From Tseram we will descend towards Tortong Khola and we will find two tests at this point. Then we follow the path through the rhododendron forest along the way to reach Tortong. Tortongding is a small tea house area in a gorge. You are already in the green valley where most of the hike takes place inside the forest. A long steep uphill hike followed by walking over a short section of landslide and then making a long downhill pass to Yamphudin. We descend from Yamphudin to Hapukhola.

We will cross several bridges in Samekham and we should continue the test towards Khebang. The hiking trail goes through the beautiful trails of Khebang with some Limbu houses. We have to cross the bridge over Jorpool and shoot down the cardamom field. It is a pleasant walk-through nature. After breakfast you will drive to Illam, on the unpaved and paved route, you will see some villages and beautiful countryside scenery. After arriving in Illam, take a walk through a village and spend the night in Illam.

In illam you can relax in a nice hotel before your flight back to Kathmandu. On your last day, you will drive to Bhadarpur in the morning, which will take about three hours. Enjoy the last minute of driving through the Illam Tea Garden and then descending to the Jhapa district. Upon arrival at Chandragadhi Airport, you will fly 40 minutes to Kathmandu.

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