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The Himalayas – “Abode Of Snow”- the most spiritually exciting, wildly adventurous, spectacularly beautiful and deeply serene place on earth.

Home to many of the highest peaks on earth, the Himalayas stretches about 2,400kms spreading across five countries: Nepal, India, Bhutan, China and Pakistan. Standing tall and majestic, with snow-capped mountain peaks, valleys, glaciers, rivers, and varied and rich vegetation, the Himalayas is sure to mesmerise you with the awe-inspiring views of the tallest peaks of the world.

Our mountaineering expeditions let you experience the Himalayan regions in their true depth and dimension. Climbers can feel the explosive power of the places and also transcend their limitations, unravelling the forces of life and their own ultimate potential.

Mountaineering is both intensely challenging and deeply satisfying. It is a great way to step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, stay focussed on the goal, and achieve a sense of self satisfaction with positivity and loads of fun!

PROTREK offers fully guided Expeditions in The Himalayas for the Mountaineering community around the world. These expeditions are led by experienced Mountain Guides and leaders. We provide complete support to the Expedition team, starting from helping the team to choose a peak according to their requirements, to completion of the expedition. We support you with proper logistics and guide you with all necessary things like transportation, assistance for luggages, porters, high altitude porters, equipments, cooks and helpers, etc.

If you love trekking and thinking about taking the next step into the world of mountaineering, there are plenty of expeditions for beginners to consider which are safe and achievable.

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Mt. Nun Peak Ladakh 7135 Mtrs Jul-Sep
Mt. Kun Peak Ladakh 7077 Mtrs Jul-Sep
Mt. Kang Yatse Ladakh 6400 Mtrs Jul-Sep
Mt. Golep Kangri Ladakh 5950 Mtrs Jun-Sep, Dec-Feb
Mt. Mentok Kangri Ladakh 6200 Mtrs Jun-Sep, Dec-Feb
Mt. Stok Kangri Ladakh 6135 Mtrs Jun-Sep, Dec-Feb
Mt. Friendship Peak Manali 5289 Mtrs Jun-Oct
Mt. Thinching Khang Sikkim 6010 Mtrs Mar-May, Sep-Nov
Mt. Frey Peak Sikkim 5830 Mtrs Mar-May, Sep-Nov
Mt. Kamet Peak Garhwal, Uttarakhand 7756 Mtrs Jul-Sep
Mt. Kedar dome Gangotri, Uttarakhand 6940 Mtrs May-Oct
Mt. shivling peak Garhwal, Uttarakhand 6543 Mtrs Jun-Sep
Mt. Satopanth Garhwal, Uttarakhand 7075 Mtrs Jun-Sep
Mt. Deo Tibba Kullu, Manali 6090 Mtrs May-Jun, Sep-Oct

Mt. Island Peak Solukhambu, Nepal 6189 Mtrs Apr-May, Oct-Nov
Mt. Mera peak Solukhambu, Nepal 6470 Mtrs Sep-Nov
Mt. Lobuche East Peak Solukhambu, Nepal 6119 Mtrs Mar-May, Oct-Dec
Mt. Chulu West Peak Annapurna, Nepal 6419 Mtrs Mar-Apr, Oct-Nov
Mt. Yala Peak Langtang, Nepal 5732 Mtrs Mar-May, Oct-Nov
Mt. Pisang Peak Annapurna, Nepal 6092 Mtrs Mar-Apr, Sep-Nov
Mt. Dhampus peak Dhaulagiri, Nepal 6012 Mtrs Mar-Apr, Oct-Nov
Mt. Parchamo Peak Rolwaling Valley, Nepal 6187 Mtrs Mar-Apr, Oct-Nov
Mt. Pokalde Peak Solukhambu, Nepal 5806 Mtrs Apr-May, Sep-Oct
Mt. Ama Dablam Peak Solukhambu, Nepal 6856 Mtrs Apr-May, Sep-Oct