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The ultimate Himalayan experience to empower your team

Corporate adventure can help to engage your team, improve awareness and unlock the team’s potential. Trekking and Expeditions in the Himalayas give you the ultimate bonding experience to motivate and empower your team.

As you and your colleagues step into the wilderness on a trek, the memories of targets to be achieved and bills to be paid fade into the distance. You stand mesmerized by your surroundings and take in the clean crisp air that you long for in the city.

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Trekking encourages team bonding by using a challenging activity to develop an important close-knit relationship between colleagues and their superiors. Expeditions help you always stay alert, communicate efficiently, develop resilience, think critically, stay calm, and never take anything for granted. We also aim to help participants develop a sense of respect for the surrounding environment.

Protrek Adventure offers a unique and exciting team building program that inspires people to put aside differences and to work together while having a whole lot of fun! It is a shared experience that creates a sense of unity, comradeship, and accomplishment.

Teammates work together to overcome various situations and obstacles in order to obtain a common goal—to safely and successfully reach the Summit as a group. It changes the group’s attitude towards one another and in how they work together!

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