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Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your trip, please email us at [email protected]
Cancellations are processed only by email and refunds for the same are as follows:
Cancellations prior to 30 days from the start of the trek—90% refund of the full trip price
Cancellation between 30 days and 20 days to the start of the trek—50% refund of the full trip price
Cancellation less than 20 days to the start of the trek—no refund

All refunds will be processes on the basis of full trip amount. In case the client decides to cancel his/her trip, at any time between booking and the time of the trip, some deduction will be made to the advance amount. Such regulation is born out of the company’s obligation to pay a certain amount for personnel and resources while booking them. Once the money is deposited in the Business bank account, the National Government Bank charges various taxes such as TDS (Tax deduction at source). As a result all refundable amounts will be processed after deducting the processing charge of National Bank. All refunds will be processed in accordance to the above cancellation policy. No refunds will be made if you voluntarily leave a scheduled trip for any reason after the trip has begun. Refunds will be at the discretion of the company if you are involuntarily forced to leave a trip for any reason. No refunds will be made for any accommodation, transport, sightseeing, meals or services not utilized. Please note that cancellation policy is subject to change. If Protrek Adventure cancels a departure which is guaranteed to run, we would be happy to suggest an alternative trip, or postpone the trip for the same value without any additional charge and the decision will be made by the tour operator. Protrek Adventure reserves full right to cancel any trip, including a guaranteed trip, prior to departure due to reasons beyond its control (i.e.: natural disasters, strikes or political unrest, industrial action, wars, riots, sickness, quarantine, government intervention, weather conditions, or other untoward occurrences). In such a case the company is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred by preparing for the trip (for example: non-refundable advance purchase air tickets, clothing, equipment, medical expenses, etc.)

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